West Baptiste was incorporated as a Summer Village in 1982. Consisting of 120 properties located along the west shore of Baptiste Lake.

The village has it’s own recreational building combined with a firehall. The West Baptiste volunteer Fire Deptartment provides services to the village and surounding areas year round under the auspices of the County of Athabasca.

The lake is situated 165km northwest of the City of Edmonton and 20km west of the Town of Athabasca, AB. It has two separate basins of water joined by a long neck called the narrows. Both basins are similar in size; the north basin is shallow (16 m), whereas the south basin is deep (28 m). Baptiste Lake has quite a large drainage area from the crown land located west of the lake.

Baptiste Lake is primarily used as a summer recreational area although there is lots of year round activities to be enjoyed.



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