Council Meeting

2016 – 03 – 30 Council Meeting

Summer Village of West Baptiste

Council Meeting Baptiste Fire Hall

March 30, 2016 1 pm



Present:            Keith Wilson, Ed Tomaszyk, Myn Hursin, Vivian Driver


  1. Call to order

Mayor Keith Wilson called the meeting to order at 12:55pm.


  1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as presented.



  1. Approval of Minutes

The August 5th, 2015, Council Minutes were approved as presented.



       The August 5th, 2015 Organizational Minutes were approved as presented.



         The October 22, 24   November30, 2015 Council Minutes were approved as presented.



  1. Financial Statement

The Financial Statements for July, August, September, October, November, December 2015; and January, February, 2016 were approved as presented.



  1. Payment of Accounts
Great West (Advocate)LUB   114.81
Athabasca Reg Waste   1013.48
ASVA Conf reg   880.00
K Wilson LUB coffee etc   45.13
Telus   250.59
Great West (Advocate)LUB (wk   114.81
GNFoundation   2494.19
Vivian Driver expenses   144.67
Vivian Driver   1200.00
David Gray Ent   32237.63
Epcor   77.28
AltaGas   46.03
Data West   62.69
Athabasca Reg Waste   1013.48
Telus   240.20
Ed Tomaszyk grass cutting 2047.50
NGW Logging   262.50
Athabasca County   165333.00
Athabasca Waste June Ju 2026.96
Vivian Driver   1200.00
Epcor   78.24
Municipal Assessment   899.85
Data West   26.25
AltaGas   52.52
Athabasca County FCSS   959.00
Telus   243.66
Athabasca Reg Waste   1013.48
Epcor   74.85
AltaGas   75.32
Vivian Driver expenses   902.59
Vivian Driver   1500.00
Myn Hursin   464.64
SV Whispering Hills policing 374.86
Athabasca Regional Waste 1013.48
Telus   240.20
Municipal Planning LUB   6476.82
Epcor   78.60
AltaGas   99.80
Vivian Driver   2200.00
Canada Post   89.25
Athabasca Reg Waste   1013.48
Myn Hursin   750.00
Keith Wilson   986.10
Ed Tomaszyk   1189.64
Telus   287.55
Vivian Driver   1700.00

Athabasca Regional Waste                                              1,013.48

Municipal Planning                                                            651.00

Municipal Assessor                                                            899.85

Baptiste Volunteer Fire                                                    2,465.30

David Gray Ent                                                                   456.75

David Gray Ent                                                                   456.75

Greater North Foundation                                                2,494.19

Athabasca County (sand)                                                    257.85

ASVA Membership                                                             708.00


David Gray Ent                                                                   456.75


Vivian Driver                                                                    1,000.00


AMCS Insurance                                                              2,608.46

David Gray Ent                                                                    456.75

Vivian Driver                                                                    1,000.00

The accounts were approved as presented



  1. Business Arising


6.1   Grants

6.1.1      MSI New Firehall and joint County Village Baptiste Dr

In July, the Village received confirmation that MSI funds could be used for the County/Village collaboration toward the new firehall and the paying of the County section of Baptiste Drive between The West and South Villages.

6.1.2      Gas Tax Fund – Rehab Baptiste Dr accepted

The Village received confirmation to apply the GTF to rehab of a portion of Baptiste Drive within the Village.

6.2    Land Use Bylaw

Documentation received to date was discussed. Awaiting response from Municipal Planning Services regarding some changes/corrections.

6.3     LUB and Open House meeting

A open house to discuss the Land Use Bylaw is planned for June 18th, 10:30am at the Baptiste Firehall.

6.4     Village Open House

The annual Village open house is planned for July 9th ,1pm at the Baptiste Firehall.

6.5       Picnic

The idea of a Village picnic had been put forward at the open house last year. This was discussed by Council and will be brought forward at a future date.

6.6     Budget

The budget was reviewed. The Greater North Foundation has increased as have property assessments. The school tax will be known after the Provincial budget is presented on April 14th.

6.7     Roads

Mayor Keith Wilson spoke with David Gray re Village roads. There will be some work, it is estimated about $25,000. Grants will cover these costs.

6.8       Amalgamation

At the Association of Summer Village Conference held in October, amalgamation between summer villages on the same body of water was discussed.

6.9       Northern Lights Library

The Village has joined the Northern Lights Library, of which the Athabasca Library is a member. Residents are welcome to join.

6.10        Banking

At the beginning of the new year, the Village changed banking institutions and now utilizes the Treasury Branch in Athabasca.

6.11        Handi Bus

An inquiry was made by a resident if the local handi bus was available to Village residents. At this time it is not.

6.12        Sewage Odors

Concerns/complaints have been received by the Village regarding sewage odors which may be originating from County land. A letter has been sent to Athabasca County.

6.13        Newsletter

It is expected to have the annual newsletter mailed by the end of April. The annual FireSmart clean up of disposal of brush and trees will be available again this year.

6.14        Councillors’ Reports

Keith Wilson attended 4 BAILS meetings between October and January. The group is looking for volunteers to monitor the lake. This monitoring will be every day for 5 weeks. The next BAILS meeting will be May 21 at the Grosmont Hall.

Burning permits are required for any fires larger than a warming/cooking fire. The permits are available from the Village office.

  1. Correspondence


  1. Information Items

8.1           Canada Post

8.2           Alberta Health Review of Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan

8.3           Alberta Historical Heritage Awards

8.4           Federal, Provincial, Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum

  1. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.


  1. Next Meeting


The next meeting will be at the call of the Mayor.