Council Meeting

2016 – 07 – 09 Council Meeting

Summer Village of West Baptiste

Council Meeting Baptiste Fire Hall

July 9th, 2016 1 pm



Present:            Keith Wilson, Ed Tomaszyk, Myn Hursin, Vivian Driver

  1. Call to order


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wilson at 11:00 am.

  1. Approval of Agenda


The agenda was approved as presented.




  1. Approval of April 23, 2016 Minutes


The April 23, 2016 Minutes were approved as presented.



  1. Financial Statement


The April, May, June 2016 Financial Statements were approved as presented.




  1. Payment of Accounts

Canada Post                                         89.25

Athabasca County roads                    171.90

AUMA Membership                             905.94

Vivian Driver                                     1,000.00

Athabasca Hometown print                   42.53

          Safequard Stationery                           194.75

           Athabasca Regional Waste (32988) 1,013.48

Seniuk & Co                                      3,123.75

Athabasca Regional (32730)          1,013.48

Epcor                                                   75.96

           AltaGas                                                  50.34

Baptiste Vacuum                                  84.00

Vivian Driver                                   1,000.00

             Performance Graphics                       210.00

             Athabasca Regional (33324)          1,013.48

Canada Post (newsletter #4)                89.25

Ed Tomaszyk (grass)                         1,365.00

Telus                                                      254.56

Hometown Printing (#4)                        54.86

Municipal Planning                            3,270.75

K Wilson                                               925.00

Ed Tomaszyk                                        750.00

Myn Hursin                                           750.00

Epcor                                                   67.70

Vivian Driver                                   2,000.00

AltaGas                                                55.98

Telus                                                     269.58

Athabasca Regional Waste                1,013.48

Municipal Assessment Ser                    927.15

Greater North Foundation                   2,273.78

Payment of Accounts was approved as presented.



  1. Business Arising


6.1 Grants

The MSI 2014 Capital Statement of Funding and Expenditures has been accepted by the Minister. The total 2016 MSI allocation is $89,520 which includes $83,771 Capital funding and $5,749 in Operating funding. The Gas Tax Fund(GTF) allocation is $7,803.

6.2 Audit

MOTION: That the Summer Village adopt the 2015 Audit report of Seniuk and Company.



6.3 Proposed Grass Cutting Increase

MOTION:      That the Summer Village approve an increase of $50.00 per cutting of grass for 2017.


Ed Tomaszyk had declared a pecuniary interest and abstained from all discussion and from voting on the above motion.

6.4 Roads

Keith Wilson will contact David Gray regarding paving around the Firehall and additional work as described in 6.5.

6.5 Firehall

Council discussed maintenance around the Firehall. Brian Patry will be contacted regarding removing the fire pit, 3 spruce tress, one dead poplar. Also removal of stumps and rocks.

MOTION:      That Myn Hursin contact Brian Patry re the above work. Project not to exceed $5,000.00.



Myn Hursin suggested and agreed to inquire about a new surface being applied to the bulletin board. Cost estimate will be forthcoming.

6.6 Placing of Accessory Building

There are Accessory Buildings located within the Village which do not comply with the LUB. Any new development has to conform to the LUB.

At this time discussion took place regarding Municipal Account Number 83170.


MOTION:      That the administrative officer use discretion foregoing on the tax roll.



6.7 Land Use Bylaw

LUB was moved to last topic under Business Arising

6.8 Citizens on Patrol

Correspondence was received Athabasca County re Athabasca Citizens on Patrol. A recent patrol was completed around South, West Baptiste and Sunset Beach. Report was that items were locked up and properties looked secure.

6.9 Highway Sign for AIS

Permanent signage is almost complete. The SV of West Baptiste committed $5,000.00 of grant money to support this project.

6.10               Noise Bylaw

Discussion on passing a noise bylaw. This will be brought forward to next meeting.

6.7      Land Use Bylaw


MOTION:   That an amendment be made to draft Land Use Bylaw 106/2016.

                         That section 9.3 subsection 2(i) be reworded as follows:

“Other similar uses as approved by the Development officer including multiple dwellings on a single lot provided development does not exceed 35% of the total lot area.”

Discussion followed. Ed Tomaszyk called for question and vote on the issue.

Recorded vote, Ed Tomaszyk in favour, Myn Hursin in favour, Keith Wilson opposed.





MOTION:   That the Council of the Summer Village of West Baptiste give first reading to ByLaw 106/2016 July 9th, 2016.



Discussion followed re development permits. The Development Officer may request: drawings of proposed project including floor plans and elevation; sewage compliance report; electrical and plumbing permits; fire code compliance; and Systems Standards of Practice most recent version.


  1. Correspondence


7.1 ASVA Fire Protection Plan Workbook

7.2      Municipal Affairs

7.2.1      MSI Capital SGE submitted; reported amounts 2014

7.2.2      MSI Operating Plan accepted

7.3      Athabasca County – letter acknowledging Village letter of April 1, 2016

The above correspondence will be filed for future information.


  1. Information Items


8.1Municipal Affairs

8.1.1.   Asset Management and Planning for future infrastructure needs.

8.1.2.   Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence

8.1.3.   MGA Tour Communities

The above correspondence will be filed for future information.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.



  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at the call of Mayor.