Council Meeting

2016 – 10 – 20 Council Meeting

Summer Village of West Baptiste
Council Meeting

October 20th, 2016 3 pm
Executive Royal Inn  Jade Room

 Present:  Keith Wilson, Ed Tomaszyk, Myn Hursin, Jane Dauphinee, Vivian Driver, guest Linda Cargill


  1. Call to order

Mayor Keith Wilson called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.

  1. Approval of Agenda

Item 3:  Minutes should read ‘Approval of July 9th’.
Agenda approved as amended.


  1. Approval of July 6th , 2016 Minutes

The Minutes were approved as presented

  1. Approval of August 14th, 2016 Land Use Minutes

The Land Use Minutes were approved as circulated.


5. Land Use Bylaw

Request for Decision for Amendment to LUB 106/2016

MOTION:   That the Summer Village of West Baptiste amend Bylaw106/2016 as per the proposed

amendments submitted by Municipal Planning Services.
Request for Decision for 2nd and 3rd  Reading

MOTION:  That the Land Use Bylaw 106/2016 receive second reading.
MOTION:  That the Land Use Bylaw 106/2016 receive third and final reading.


MOTION:   That Municipal Planning Services be directed to prepare an amendment to Bylaw 106-2016

effecting sections:  9.2(3)(c)(i)and 9.3(3)(c)(i) which will delete the current minimum side yard setback for

one family dwellings and mobile homes and replace it with the following:

Minimum side yard 1.52m (5.)ft.)

Further, that if the MGA review is complete before the next meeting of Council that Municipal Planning

Services be directed to include in the proposed amending bylaw any additional amendments resulting from

the revisions to the MGA.



3:30 pm    Jane Dauphinee left the meeting.


  1. Financial Statement

July, August, September 2016

July and August Financial Statements were approved as presented.  September Financial Statement will be

included on the next agenda.


7. Payment of Accounts

Great West Newspaper                     190.01
Telus                                                 266.11
Vivian Driver expenses Jan – Sep    459.05
Greater North Found                     2,772.21
Athabasca County firesmart               99.00
Epcor                                                  73.85
Cowan Stop Aquatic Invas               613.32
Canada Post                                        89.25
Vivian Driver (Aug)                       1,000.00
David Gray Ent                            29,827.88
AltaGas                                                51.12
DataWest                                              62.69
Telus                                                   278.82
Home Hardware                                 230.49
Athabasca Regional Waste              1,013.48
ASVA Conference Regis                    880.00
Wildfongs Mobile Glass                     616.35
Municipal Planning Services           4,771.15
Epcor                                                     76.27
Vivian Driver  (Sept)                        1,000.00
Data West                                              26.25
Municipal Assess Services                  927.15
AltaGas                                                  61.56
Athabasca Regional Waste                1,013.48
Telus                                                     274.20
SV Whispering Hills (Policing)           717.36

Payment of Accounts was approved.
8. Business Arising

8.1   Land Use Bylaw

Distribution of the new LUB was discussed.  It will be on the Village website.  Any resident who cannot

access or print the document can call the Village office.

8.2   Grass Cutting 2017

The grass cutting will be put out for tender in 2017 with the same process followed as in 2015.


8.3   Roads

All road work is complete.  Will contact AltaGas re repairs at 1127 Baptiste Dr.


8.4   Firehall

Brian Patry will be billing the Village for work completed to date.  Balance of work will be completed in the Spring.


8.5   Noise Bylaw

Copies for three example of bylaws were distributed.  There does not appear to be much interest in sharing

a Bylaw officer with the county amongst the Summer Villages.


8.6   Sewage Compliance

Council discussed having properties within the Village inspected for sewage compliance.  Certified contractors will be

notified inquiring if they are interested in placing a bid with the Village.  Residents will be notified in a newsletter.

It is anticipated inspections to be completed by December 31, 2017.

8.7   Councillors’ Reports

Keith Wilson reported that he had attended the joint meeting of Summer Villages on September 24th.

An RCMP constable attended reporting that they do not respond to breakins but will respond to accidents.

Said they are very busy and under staffed.

Waste Management waiting to hear from the Government Bylaw 06-16 appointing Board of Directors.

Keith and Ron Wasel completed water tests of the lake.

Beaver dams disposal – has to be approved by AEP before the County can destroy.

The County has contacted Telus regarding the poor cell service in areas of the County.  A Telus rep will be

at the County meeting on November 24.  All concerned residents are urged to attend.

Dennis Irving met with Municipal Affairs to discuss amalgamation of Summer Villages.  Amalgamation can

take place among properties on the same lake.  There appears to be no interest on either Baptiste or Island Lakes.

Steve Hamilton reported on the new fire training centre at the Athabasca airport.

8.1    Athabasca County, Sewer Odour Issue

The Village had contacted the County regarding what appears to be sewer odours on County land.

The County can legally undertake an inspection.  If the odour persist, the County may consider

undertaking an inspection.

Ogilvie LLP  ALARIE Asset Distribution

There appears to be assets remaining from ALARIE.  ALARIE was established by AUMA, Alberta

Association of Municipa Districts and Counties and Alberta School Trustees’ Association.  All claims

have been settled and there is a surplus of assets. The Village may receive money back.

Information Items

9.1        Alberta Minister of Culture and Tourism


The meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.


Next Meeting

Next meeting is planned for late March or first part of April.

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