Council Meeting

2017 – 03 – 10 Council Meeting

Summer Village of West Baptiste

Council Meeting

March 10, 2017 10AM

Baptiste Fire Hall



Present: Keith Wilson, Myn Hursin, Ed Tomaszyk, Vivian Driver

  1. Call to order


Mayor Keith Wilson called the meeting to order at 10:15am.

  1. Approval of Agenda


The Agenda was approved as circulated.



  1. Approval of October 20th, 2016 Minutes

The October 20th, 2016 Minutes were approved as presented.



  1. Financial Statement


The Financial Statements for October, November, December, 2016 and

January, February, 2017 were approved as presented.




  1. Payment of Accounts


Epcor 76.27
David Gray Ent 244.13
Executive Royal Inn ASVA Conf 1,472.48
AltaGas 74.86
Epcor 77.64
Vivian Driver 2,000.00
Athabasca Regional Waste 1,013.48
Athabasca County FCSS 959.00
Telus 284.59
Ed Tomaszyk grass cutting 2,940.00
Epcor 76.19
Vivian Driver 2,200.00
Promoliak Promotions Invasive species 3,035.30
AltaGas 85.21
Myn Hursin 750.00
Keith Wilson (103.39 exp) 853.39
Ed Tomaszyk (175.00 exp) 925.00
Athabasca Regional Waste 1,013.48
Telus 269.58
Vivian Driver (189.69 exp) 1,989.69
Heart and Stroke (Dan Galloway memorial 50.00
Municipal Planning (final LUB) 2,628.05
Epcor 74.58
AltaGas 121.12
   January 2017  
Municipal Assessment 927.15
Athabasca Regional Waste 1,013.48
David Gray Ent 488.25
Telus 93.05
Baptiste Fire Dept 2,659.30
Greater North Foundation 2,772.21
ASVA Membership 740.00
Northern Lights Library 527.28
AltaGas 161.61
Epcor 79.71
AMSC Insurance 2,611.15
Vivian Driver 1,000.00
Athabasca Regional Waste 1,013.18
AUMA Membership 905.94
Telus 133.23
David Gray Enterprises 488.25
Epcor 81.50
Vivian Driver 1000.00


Athabasca Regional Waste

David Gray Ent



The Accounts were approved for payment.




  1. Business Arising

6.1  Grants

MSI Capital and Operating funds were received, totaling $83,771. $71,673 will be deposited to the GIC presently held at the ATB.

6.2  Land Use Amendment

Awaiting the passing of the new Municipal Government Act should any amendments to the Village Land Use Bylaw be necessary.

6.3  Grass Cutting 2017

An ad will be placed in the April 18th Athabasca Advocate for grass cutting within the Village.

6.4  Roads

The Village has MSI funds which are designated to be applied to Baptiste Dr. It was agreed that a total of two hundred thousand dollars be spent in 2017. $185,000 will be applied to the Village portion of Baptiste Dr.

Council will also offer monies to Athabasca County for rehabilitation of it’s section of Baptiste Dr on a 50/50 shared basis to a maximum of $15,000. Any monies not used for this project will go into Village roads as well.

6.5   Sewage Compliance

A sewage inspection of all Village properties will be undertaken this year, to be completed by November 1, 2017. An ad will be placed in the Athabasca Advocate for an inspector(s). Anyone applying must be a sewage system installed under the Alberta Safety Code Act.

6.6   Budget

The budget was reviewed. A budget/taxation Council meeting is set for May 8, at which time the School and Greater North Foundation requisitions will have been received.

The annual CAO assessment was completed at this time. An exemplary evaluation was given by Council.

MOTION:            THAT the CAO be given a salary increase of $100.00 per month effective January 1, 2017.



6.7   Athabasca Regional Waste Management – Nomination

Ed Tomaszyk nominated Keith Wilson to be the Summer Villages representative on the Athabasca Regional Waste Management Commission. Keith Wilson declined.

Council nominated Dennis Irving, Summer Village of Whispering Hills for a two year term.

6.8   Election

The Annual open house will be held July 15th at 10am at the Firehall. Nominations for Council will be accepted until 12 noon on July 15th. If an election is required, an advanced poll will be held Sunday August 6th from 9 am to 12 noon, with the election day being Saturday August 12th from 9am to 7pm both days being at the Firehall. Nomination papers will be available at the Village office.

6.9   Newsletter

Items for the newsletter were discussed. The newsletter will be mailed to residents the first week of May.

6.10                 Councillors’ Reports

BAILS Board meeting has been scheduled for May 13th 10am Island Lake Hall.

BAILS meetings have been set for May 27, July 8 and Sept 9 meetings all commencing at 1pm and all to be held at the Athabasca Seniors Centre 4810-48 St.

  1. Correspondence

7.1  Alberta Municipal Affairs – Pilot Project Estimated Change to 2017 Tax Year Linear Property Assessment.

7.2  Kelly Logging Agreement

7.3  Seniuk & Company Engagement Letter


  1. Information Items

8.1   Alberta Municipal Affairs Key dates for Summer Villages

8.2   Alberta Municipal Affairs 16th Annual Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence

  1. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.


  1. Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held May 9, 10am at the Firehall.