Council Meeting

2017 – 08 – 21 Council Meeting

Summer Village of West Baptiste

Council Meeting

August 21 , 2017 10:30AM

Baptiste Fire Hall



Present: Keith Wilson, Michael Schouten, Linda Cargill, Vivian Driver


  1. Call to order

Mayor Keith Wilson called the meeting to order at 10:30 am.


  1. Approval of Agenda

6.8  Village Web site



  1. Approval of May 9th , 2017 Minutes

Minutes were approved as distributed.


  1. Financial Statement

The May, June and July 2017 Financial Statements were approved as presented.



  1. Payment of Accounts
Safeguard (tax envelopes) 127.02

S V Whispering Hills (police)



Bob Driver (1st grass cutting) 700.00
Epcor 75.36
AltaGas 78.56
Vivian Driver 1,500.00
Canada Post (June newsletter) 89.25
Athabasca Waste Management 1,025.40
Telus 149.11
Bob Driver (2nd grass cutting) 700.00
Epcor 76.94
Keith Wilson ( honorarium, expenses) 1,120.00
Ed Tomaszyk (honorarium) 750.00
Myn Hursin (honorarium) 750.00
Bob Driver (3rd grass cutting) 700.00
Vivian Driver 1,000.00
AltaGas 63.99
Athabasca Waste Management 1,025.40
Municipal Assessment Services 955.50
Greater North Foundation 2,629.86
Telus 149.11
Anna Amero 50.00
Bob Driver (4th grass cutting) 700.00
W and D Ahlsten (over pay taxes) 100.00
NGW Logging 630.00
Vivian Driver (1,500 plus expenses) 1,652.33
AltaGas 51.48
Epcor 75.19
Bob Driver (5th grass cutting) 700.00
Athabasca Waste Management 1,025.40
Mary Koons (deputy returning officer) 300.00
ATS Traffic

NGW Logging


Ed Tomaszyk

Myn Hursin







Payment of accounts was approved.



  1. Business Arising

6.1  Grants

6.1.1. FRIAA Grant

Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) grant application was submitted by the Association of Summer Villages of Alberta, West Baptiste being one of 14. Each time the application was rejected as they felt there were higher priorities; as well their criteria has changed. FRIAA is now looking at more regional/collaborative approaches. They have basically told ASVA not to reapply unless the request is changed.


6.2   Regional Emergency Response Plan


MOTION:            THAT the Summer Village of West Baptiste and Athabasca County sign an Emergency Management Agreement giving Athabasca County permission to manage emergency responses as required.



                   6.3  Roads

Keith Wilson will meet with David Gray to discuss road rehabilitation. It is anticipated work will be completed in September.


6.4   Sewage Compliance

Sewage inspections will begin in early September.


6.5   Election

An election was held this year. Results were: Keith Wilson 73; Linda Cargill 67; Mike Schouten 48; Ed Tomaszyk 32. There was a total of 80 voters.

Keith Wilson Mayor, Mike Schouten Deputy Mayor and Linda Cargill Councillor.


6.6   Councillor Training

Association of Summer Villages, AUMA, AAMDC in partnership with Municipal Affairs have developed a government approved training program for Elected Officials. It is mandatory that all Council members attend. The cost is $200.00 per person.


6.7   Association of Summer Villages Conference October 19th and 20th Royal        Executive Inn – Edmonton

The annual ASVA Conference has been changed from Friday/Saturday to Thursday/Friday. Keith Wilson and Vivian Driver will attend.


6.8    Village Web Site

The Web site requires a revisit re design. It is possible there will be a slight increase in cost. The yearly cost has been about $135.00.


6.9  Councillors’ Reports

Keith Wilson has been monitoring water quality and levels. There are no blockages in the creek. The creek has a low profile until past the Hutterite Colony property.


  1. Correspondence


7.1  Athabasca Regional Waste – Nomination Director’s Position

7.2  Memorandum of Agreement with Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System Multi Jurisdiction (TRAVIS-MJ)


  1. Information Items


8.1  Alberta Seniors and Housing – Seniors Week June 5 – 11 2017

8.2  Alberta Culture and Tourism – Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards




The meeting adjourned at 11:25am.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at the call of the Mayor.